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Meet Emily!


The short story: I love to decorate cookies!

The long story: I tried my hand at decorated cookies when I was 15 years old, had no money, but was going to my first 'Sweet 16' birthday party (while not as extravagant as MTV's My Super Sweet 16, this was a BIG deal back then). I wanted to bring something unique and fun but cost me little to nothing. Decorated cookies couldn't be THAT difficult, right? While my skills were nothing to write home about on that first experiment, I realized I might just have a knack for it and from that day on cookies became a big part of my life. I continued to decorate throughout college but really started to get my groove about a year or so ago!

My hobby quickly grew into so much more when I started an Instagram page (many of you know me as @theyoungbettycrocker) to showcase my creations. Thanks to all of you, I got so busy that I decided to take the plunge and make it a business. After lots of research, goal setting, number crunching and an LLC later, here I am!

family photo newborn.jpg

While I would've loved to stick with the name that got me on the map, The Young Betty Crocker, I got thinking about two things. First, using the name of a preexisting company within my business name would probably land me in a pretty sticky lawsuit (no thanks), and second, I wont always be young (unfortunately), right??

So why The Smart Little Cookie? My grandparents lived far away so we would give them a call on Sunday nights to catch up. When it was my turn on the phone, my Grandma would ask if I knew who was on the other end and when I responded with the correct answer, she would tell me, "Emmy, you are such a smart little cookie!" While my grandma isn't around any longer to see where my baking has taken me, The Smart Little Cookie has always been at the front of my mind as the PERFECT name if I ever created a business of my own. :)

I work a full time job here in La Crosse, I am married to a wonderfully supportive husband, Kyle, and have two spunky pups, Porter (our handsome English bulldog) and Lola (our blue-eyed rescue babe). In 2022, we have welcomed our newest and most perfect addition, Beckham. At this time we are enjoying all of the little moments with him and cookies are taking a little bit of a back seat. 

I hope to see you all back when I am ready to take custom orders again! Until then, I'll be over here trying to catch up on some sleep ;)

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