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Custom Cookie Breakdown

With offering complete customization of cookies the pricing listed is just an introductory guide to help you get an idea of what they will cost. Pricing varies depending on size, style and detail level. I will give you a price quote after we work out the details but please use this pricing guide as a starting point! At this time I have a TWO dozen minimum for all orders. 

$33/dozen (3 inch average cookie size, average detail, a few assorted designs allowed)

$37/dozen (cookies requiring more colors, more intricate designs, or cookies larger in size, wider variety of cookie designs allowed)

Additional costs may be incurred for metallics, specialty sprinkles, and character or logo cookies that require more precise detailing.

All cookies are packed in a bakery box unless otherwise specified. Cookies can be heat sealed individually or wrapped in baggies with a ribbon for additional costs. 

Do not hesitate to reach out if you are confused about pricing! 

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